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New Vitara SZ-T Empty New Vitara SZ-T

Post by feckinejiet on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:59 pm


Not the greatest photos in the world (I had limited opportunity today) but here is our Vitara SZ-T,

New Vitara SZ-T Pic_110
New Vitara SZ-T Pic212

Its our first Suzuki and went for an SZ-T with the City Pack (only ever seen this in a flyer from Suzuki where it includes rear parking sensors and mats for £249), boot liner (waste of £30), rear bumper protector and I had the tweeters from the SZ5 fitted as well.

Bought as a family friendly second car which to be honest has so far exceeded my expectations, its far quicker and better to drive than I was expecting it to be.

Don't buy the boot liner as it really is a waste of £30 - you would be better off with a couple of carrier bags :-)



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New Vitara SZ-T Empty Re: New Vitara SZ-T

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:08 am

Don't know how I missed this post until now but thanks for posting the pictures camera

The City pack is a new one on me, unless it is something your local dealer put together, was this the boot liner you had?...

New Vitara SZ-T 990e0-11


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