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Post by crozier on Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:46 pm

Hi Folks

I'm new to the brand and the forum. I've just bought a new 2016 Vitara SZ5 1.6 petrol AllGrip in Ivory/Black. The choice was more to do with economics than a desire to own a Suzuki. Let me explain that. I also own a 2014 Insignia VXR but it's a 25MPG 325 BHP beast, so for long haul work related stuff, I needed something more practical as a second car. There were some criteria that made the Vitara an automatic choice:

1 Petrol engine. Sorry, but even with long journeys diesels are making less economic sense. I think the break even mileage is about 20k before petrol loses out, and that's before we start getting to increases in fuel and road tax for diesels, which are on the horizon.

2 4x4. The VXR beast is a permanent AWD with E-diffs and a centre Haldex torque transfer. I've gotten used to the go-anywhere in any weather 4x4 format and I didn't want to give it up.

3 Toys. The more the better, but Sat Nav and Cruise control were a minimum

4 Price. I'm a pre-reg tart. I look at what's on dealer's lots, when they pre-registered and what the mileage is. Then I go round the showrooms a few days before Christmas and see what I can bargain for. Straight deal, no trade ins. I can't say what I paid for the above Suzuki with 4 miles on the clock and pre-registered in Jun 2016, but I've seen loads of 2nd hand 2016 Vitara front wheel drive models with 5-8k miles on the clock for £00's more than I paid.

I'd other target cars like the Jeep Renegade and Skoda Yeti but they couldn't tick all of the boxes above in the same way as the Vitara.

Am I pleased with my choice? Damn right! It's a superb machine and the list of extras included as standard on the SZ5 is astounding. The 1.6 petrol engine performs well as it has less weight to lug around than it's competitors and the level of comfort is good, if not luxury saloon standard.

Yes, the interior plastics are hard and flimsy but what's there is well screwed together so it doesn't squeak and rattle, and again weight saving has been key to the car's construction. Where comfort is needed it's there, like the leather and alcantara seats, and the leather trimmed steering wheel, which is rake and reach adjustable.

I have a few minor niggles:

* The auto lights are great (especially the LED's) but the stalk that switches between the various modes isn't illuminated, so it's a b|tch to work out what mode is selected in the dark

* I can't find a way of setting the door locks to activate automatically when driving. Maybe it's a dealer fix

* The engine auto stop has never worked. That might be a good thing as I know lots of owners would like to switch it off permanently Suspect I've tried with all AC and headlights off but the most that happens is the engine idle just drops a bit. Thought it might also be because the battery is low, but I've 300 miles on the car and it should have reached full charge by now.

* There's no centre arm rest. I've sorted that with an after market Armster, but given the level of standard equipment on the SZ5 it seems a curious omission

I look forwards to contributing to the forum and I will get a few pics up over the next couple of days. I'm based in Northern Ireland so I'll also keep a weather eye out for any local events.


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Post by Gar Green on Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:42 pm

Welcome! Great first post. I'll try and answer a few for you.

The door locks only have 2 settings, single click, one door opens and double click all doors. If you go through the onboard menu you can set it to one click all open. No auto lock on drive away I'm afraid.

The arm rest is missing (along with heated seats) to try and set the vitara away from the flagship Scross models who share the chassis.

The start stop has to hit certain parameters before it will engage. The only known fault I've seen with start stop is an open circuit with the bonnet catch, though there is a software update available for it which the dealer can do using their SDT2. If the car was sat for a while, chances are yhe y have not dome it.

Hope those help.
Gar Green
Gar Green

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Post by maxlev on Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:14 am

Hello from me too, who joined a few weeks ago.

I don`t own an Allgrip yet. Currently have an economical 1.4 Swift as main car and a thirsty 4x4 2.4 Grand Vitara for towing trailer. I plan on replacing both with one car that will do both economical & towing. Dealer trade in values leaves me a few grand short so am trying to sell privately.

Great useful info on this site.

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Hello from a Newbie Empty Re: Hello from a Newbie

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:44 pm

Welcome Maxlev, you obviously know the values of owning a Suzuki so a new Vitara should not take too much convincing
Great to hear the site is proving useful thumbl


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Hello from a Newbie Empty Re: Hello from a Newbie

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