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Spare keys. Empty Spare keys.

Post by JOHNWALES on Wed May 04, 2016 4:33 pm

In the old days of 'pre technology ' , I always used to carry a spare ignition key hidden away inside the car. I always considered it a better option to break into the car rather than be stranded in a foreign country should I lose a key !
I am off to Austria and Germany next week and will let my travelling companion have the spare key; however, she will have to carry it on her person when leaving the car otherwise the doors will not lock. It would be a nice innovation if there was a deactivation button or switch on the keys to enable them to be left in the vehicle. I guess removal of the battery would interfere with the keys workings.


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Spare keys. Empty Re: Spare keys.

Post by Gar Green on Wed May 04, 2016 5:28 pm

You could always put it under the bonnet if you are happy to put a window through should you need to, could be hidden in the fuse box maybe?

Not had a problem with run down batteries in keys as of yet, if they have been dead I have just swapped them out and everything worked like new again. Though, i'm not sure I would want to leave the battery out altogether for a long period of time.
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