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Post by Hayashbra Tue Jun 08, 2021 7:34 pm

Just fitted a Nextbase 322 using the kit, pretty easy. Just a little information that may save some time. On my 1.0 ltr Boosterjet SZT auto, in the passenger well fuse box there is an unused fuse way.You cannot miss it, no fuse fitted. The piggyback fuse (although slightly the wrong one) will go in this way and supply as instructions an ignition switch controlled supply. The camera will now be on its own supply and not loading or affecting any other circuit.


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Dash Cam's - Page 2 Empty Re: Dash Cam's

Post by Doogs Fri Jul 23, 2021 6:37 pm

As an hgv driver I ocasionaly have to swap lorries so my dash cam is always plugged into usb or fag lighter socket rather than hard wired.As i drive alot in the dark i need one thats reasonable at night. My trancend pro 200 and viofo a119 v3 are really good.I dont need wifi or blutooth just a basic dash cam that will record decent footage in low light.I carry a spare sd card so if anything happens I just pop out the card and replace then download original to my computer later on.Both have capacitors rather than batterys.Both are excellent in daytime but think the a119 v3 has a slight edge in low light. Both me and the misses have the trancend in our suzukis aswell.Apart from a corrupted sd card in one of them the trancends have performed faultlessly for years.The A119 v3 is the same but only had it a year and a bit.


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