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Puncture Repair Kit Empty Puncture Repair Kit

Post by Grumpy Souter on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:38 pm

For those who don't have a spare wheel.
Just Google "puncture repair kit"
This would seem to be a better idea than wasting a tyre and a pressure
monitoring valve by filling your tyre with Goo. Even if it only gets you to
a tyre fitter it will have saved the cost of a TPMS £60>.
They appear to be made for motor bikes but if it is good enough for two
wheels it should be ok for four.
Some kits even have little tanks of compressed air.
Has anyone tried one of these kits?
Grumpy Souter
Grumpy Souter

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Puncture Repair Kit Empty Re: Puncture Repair Kit

Post by JOHNWALES on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:46 pm

Are you referring to the Sealey Temporary Puncture Repair Kit, one of the options under that google enquiry.

I had a puncture repaired in Germany by a Suzuki dealer and he used a similar product, repairing from the outside. Apparently that procedure is illegal in the U.K, the tire has to be removed and repaired from the inside. Mind you, better than having to walk home in the rain, as a temporary solution.


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