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infortainment streaming via phone Empty infortainment streaming via phone

Post by gvwow on Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:30 am

Hi All i was just reading about apple's iTunes's streaming, for vitara's infotainment system.
Here is his story "I finally managed to track down the problem after a fairly lengthy period of trial and error.
Firstly, the dealership did replace the infotainment system but as soon as I paired my iPhone to the system, it crashed over and over, around every 2-3 minutes.
This carried on for the next week or so. I gave up using the system as it was too annoying to use, so the dealer agreed to take the car in for a week of testing to see what was going on, meantime I had a courtesy car as I was working away for that week.

I went to collect the car a week later only to be told that the system never crashed once. I started her up on the forecourt and lo and behold it crashed immediately. Now it started to dawn on me that it was something to do with my phone connection, probably bluetooth.
I turned bluetooth off on the phone and it seemed to cure it, no crashes but I couldn’t use the hands free with BT turned off.
Next I plugged the car into USB to see if it would work as an iPod so I could play my music and podcasts etc. and what do you know, it crashed within a minute. Had to conclude at this point that B T wasn’t to blame as it was turned off.

It was now becoming clear that something else on the phone was causing this and it turned out to be Apple’s iTunes match, which i subscribe to. It looks like the infotainment system couldn’t manage the streaming database of 20K songs in my library and turning this off cured the problem, it hasn’t crashed once since then.

I don’t know if this will be an issue for users of streaming services but it looks possible. "

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